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Hi, everyone! My name is Kareena Sikka and I’m a junior at Issaquah High School. I am currently 16 years old and I’ve had vitiligo for over ten years. Throughout this blog, I hope to share my various treatments, coping mechanisms, and stories through battling this autoimmune skin disease. 

My mission is dedicated towards connecting vitiligo patients from across the world, no matter their age, gender, history, or treatment preferences. Whether someone chooses to undergo treatment or not, we support each other through all the tears and battles, and cheer each other on.




the blog 


My goal is to share my various eastern and western vitiligo treatments and experiences. While I cannot recommend treatments – as all bodies react differently to medications – I believe that my posts can increase public awareness about vitiligo and foster a welcoming vitiligo  community for all.



philosophy corner

As a 16 year old who has had vitiligo for over ten years, I’ve experienced the world through a different lens that most. I want to share and demonstrate the importance of the key life lessons I’ve experienced, including creating motivation, hope and perseverance when it seems that there is a lack thereof. 




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