hi, everyone!

I am a senior at Issaquah High School in Seattle, Washington. When I’m not at the dermatologist, I enjoy playing and teaching viola, volunteering in my community, and learning about medicine. One of  my favorite pastimes is baking random and exciting desserts for my friends and family to enjoy! On that note, I hope everyone enjoys my writing and stories – feel free to share your thoughts and please be open and respectful to different perspectives and opinions:)

     My mission


share treatments

I’ve had various treatments from all over the globe, including oral pills, liquids, steroids, topical ointments, and varying UV light treatments. I also hope to participate in some clinical studies in the near future.


share coping mechanisms

Throughout treatments, it can be difficult to cope with lack of success, feeling hopeless, and not feeling beautiful. I’ve tried to combat these negative feelings in many ways, including personal days, makeup, and volunteering.


understand the disease

I believe understanding vitiligo on both a biological and emotional level is critical in overcoming the mental barriers of this condition. As an aspiring MD, I hope to share my own research as well as information I’ve received from my doctors. 


create a community

Perhaps the most important purpose of this blog is to connect teens and adults with this condition. Growing up, I always felt like I was battling this condition alone, because I’d yet to meet someone with as much vitiligo as me. However, vitiligo does impact thousands of people around the world, and staying connected will give us strength to persevere through our battles.