Treatment #2 — Herbal Cures from India

UNani medicine

After failing to track down a successful treatment locally, my mom reached out to Indian doctors to learn about other possible strategies and medicines. After validating the success of a government hospital in Telangana, India, my dad flew to the city of Hyderabad to meet with a team that practices Unani treatments. Unani medicine is based on the teachings of the Greek physicians such as Hippocrates, who believe that the natural elements in the human body needs to be re-balanced in order to cure chronic and immunological disorders.


The New hospital

We flew over 7,000 miles to India, a trip I would soon become very familiar with.


The head doctor of the newfound hospital prescribed both ointment and oral medication for daily application to restore my “elemental health.” After a few months with administration under the hospital, the doctor directed us towards his private clinic, where he gave us more medication, at an increasingly steeper price. After a few months, my dad noticed the medical bills growing from a few hundred rupees to upwards of a few thousand rupees. The doctor was commercially inclined and cared more about cash flow than curing his patients.

Twelve months into the treatment, and there was no improvement in my skin. My dad immediately stopped working with this doctor and we disposed the prescribed pills and cream. It’s unfortunate that we must deal with these types of corrupt and selfish businessmen, when all we want is a simple cure. Though I was too young at the time to understand what was happening, these types of issues are really exhausting and a huge waste of time, money, and resources.

It’s important to choose the right doctors and treatment plans for you, and to use reliable sources to make the best educated decision.

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