Treatment #3 – Homeopathy from Faridabad


Haryana, india

While I don’t remember too much from my childhood treatments, I do remember enjoying sugar pellets that were prescribed from my homeopathic doctor in Faridabad, Haryana, India. I loved eating those little pellets, and at this point, it was the only medicine I had taken which tasted good – given, I was a little elementary schooler with a sugar obsession.



Homeopathy is a medical system based on debunking the symptoms of diseased people and giving them natural cures to expedite the healing process.

I talked to the Chief Doctor at Fortis Escorts, a renowned brand of medicine practitioners in India. Through a series of counseling sessions, the doctor engaged me in deep and personal conversations, addressing my mental, physical, genetic and emotional health. He began to understand all aspects of my lifestyle, from learning what activities I enjoyed in my free time, to wondering if I had supportive and understanding friends, to guessing what my favorite food was. I almost felt as if I was being interrogated as the doctor traced my symptoms down to their core. After numerous sessions, he prescribed the bottle of little sugar pellets which I proceeded to eat for six more months. 

I distinctly remember the pellets coming in two different bottles – one with a green lid and the other with a light pink lid. Though they tasted the exact same to me, they were crafted with varying natural substances, so I had to take pellets from each bottle daily. This doctor was acclaimed and had copious success stories from previous patients by using this same methodology and game plan. Nonetheless, there was no material impact from the homeopathic medicine for me, and we still aren’t sure what made my case so different from everyone else’s. It just goes to show how different this disease impacts everyone differently through a biological lens, so no single treatment is guaranteed to work for everyone.


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